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Here at B&B Gates we firmly believe that 'Practice Makes Perfect'. That's why we specialize in high quality inexpensive starting gates for the individual BMX racer. Whether you want to practice by yourself or with a friend, we have what you need to be able to practice at anytime, at any place to achieve that goal of perfection. The starting gates are designed to be light weight and easy to put away, yet constructed sturdy enough for the toughest of riders. Our starting gates will appeal to your wallet as well. Most BMX races are won by the rider who gets to the first turn ahead of the pack. So give yourself the winning edge by mastering your reaction and technique on your own B&B starting gate.
     Our starting gates are designed with a quick release that can be tripped with a flip of an electric switch or with our customized Cadence Box (see below). The one-man starting gates and the two-man starting gates both come with a 20' cord and switch. Both starting gates will run perfect without the Cadence. The Cadence is sold separately. 2 man bmx starting gate
Cadence box for bmx starting gates      Now, for you guys that want the cadence, this optional box is awesome and has it all! Those of you that race in the ABA, when you hear the commands you will recognize Clayton Johns voice and the 2 light system (These are 1/4" bright LCD lights). It also has the NBL voice command with the 4 light system plus the random UCI voice command and light system. Another feature is the option to put the cadence on time delay, which gives the rider time to press the button and get set up in the gate so that they can practice their starts by themselves. All this is in one compact box with a volume control. Everything is external and labeled so that even your kids can operate it and master those starts!

     The Stop Watch Module with Stop Switch allows you to accurately time your starts so you can improve your Hole-Shot time.  When you run over the yellow stop switch the timer stops. Standard length for the stop switch is 20’.  Timing is accurate to .01 seconds until you reach 19.99 seconds. Then the timing accuracy reduces to .1 seconds. Just plug into your cadence.

Tara Stop Watch
Note: It's the responsiblity of the customer to email B&B gates with an address so we can give a quote for shipping prior to ordering. Failure to do so and you order first and then ask for refund due to shipping cost, there will be a 20% restocking fee. If ordered and refused to pay shipping cost after shipped there will be no refunds.

One man electric starting gate.

1 Man Electric Starting Gate w/Switch & 20' Cord.
$650.00 plus S&H


  2 man electric starting gate

2 Man Electric Starting Gate w/Switch & 20' cord.
$900.00 plus S&H

  Cadence box for BMX starting gate.

All In One Cadence Box
$650.00 plus S&H


Stop Watch
$350.00 plus S&H


Gate Tower
$400.00 plus S&H

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